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As a designer I am very focused on aesthetics. I often consider the aesthetic of my designs before the function has been decided. In this case I explored and experimented with the ancient Japanese wood charring technique named ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ or ‘Yakisugi’. Although this is typically used as a method to weather and preserve wood, I developed it to create an aesthetic feature, giving a material a popping, striped effect.


After researching other Japanese techniques such as paper lantern making and the foldable hand fan, I realised I could combine them all together to create a unique and distinctive foldable Tskui light.



My Aims: Add value to simplicity. Minimal Design with a useful Twist.
Use wood, in a natural feel, design simple pieces of furniture, lighting or objects.

Tsuki is a room light designed to create ambiance with the sharp lantern light breaking through and being broken up by the charred wooden panels. The light was designed with inspiration from multiple Japanese techniques/crafts. The light is made from charred Cedar wood, Shoji paper, steel bar and four magnets.


One of the main features of the light is that it is foldable and therefore can be flat packed. This was integrated into the design due to the inspiration of the Japanese foldable hand fan. The light is very easy to put up and take down, and its design allows the light fitting to be changed with minimal effort.


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