My Design Aesthetic

Whenever I sit down to design something, the first thing I do is focus on its aesthetic. It’s not only the beginning of design for me but it carries through the whole process from sketching to producing. I aim to create something so visually striking that if someone walks into a room and sees my product, I want them to be engaged and captivated.



My Aims: Add value to simplicity. Minimal Design with a useful Twist.

Tsuki Light range

Tsuki light designed with inspiration from multiple Japanese techniques/crafts.

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The Ligna Shelf Part of the Ligna Range

The Ligna Shelf is a narrow, multi-functional shelf designed for your hallway in your home.

Ligna Luma Part of the Ligna Range

The Ligna Luma is a modern, flat pack lampshade made from an ancient material.

Ghost Candle holders

Ghost candle holders have a candle 'ghost' void inside.


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Ieuan Davies

Ty Glasfryn, Ffairfach, Llandeilo

Wales, UK

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